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Monday, December 3, 2007

Financial Goals For 2008

1. Increase net pay from $3472.00/month to $4000.00/month. (from any source, not just primary employment)

2. Change my RRSP account to a mixture of low-cost index funds.

3. Finish paying off the Line of Credit. (March 31, 2008)

4. Increase investment account payments from $150.00 biweekly to $225.00. (after switching to index funds)

5. Make one extra weekly mortgage payment per month. (decreasing principal by $3392.00)

6. Have $12 000 to $15 000 saved up for my wifes' car purchase. Her lease is up in October, we want to pay cash for a car so we have no more car payments.

Most of these goals are attainable with a little hard work and some creativity. I am really looking forward to this year. Hopefully it will be a year with no debt. I haven't been able to say that in many years, wish me luck.

I would really like to hear what other pf bloggers are doing in 2008, Let me know?

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