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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Net Worth Blues

I have not checked the state of my investments in quite a while. As the markets have been "correcting" over the last month or so I decided it would be better for my mental health not to check the balance. I am starting my investing career as a 'buy and hold' man and realize that this is just one month in many years of investing. This strategy has worked thus far, only now will I be checking my account for my October net worth update and I am wondering how bad the damage will be. I am having a great month in terms of debt repayment, and saving. So if the news is really bad I really can not be too depressed. I am sure I can wait it out, but no one wants bad news especially bad money news.


krystalatwork said...

I used to check out my investments every single day ... but since the markets have been so up and down over the past few months, I've saved myself the pain, and only check every week or so. :)

Joey Gray said...

We should make sure to use our finances wisely or else, you'll wake up empty handed.